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ECMtoGO.com / Auto Computer Pro specializes in OBD-I & OBD-II OEM replacement ECM and PCM engine, transmission and electronic control computers, including Diesel computers, testing services, repair services, and OEM and custom Programming services.

ECM To Go ensures our customers receive the highest in quality of service and product and the latest technology available. Our founding member has been a leader in this industry since 1997. Our Lead Engineer is not just any technician, but the mastermind behind Plug & Play software and hardware. Unlike our competitors, we offer TRUE plug and play computers when available. We strive to make sure that no additional programming procedures or equipment should be needed. This of course is not always the case due to some very few instances when the manufacturer requires ON-BOARD programming or advanced calibrations.

Please call for details and we can assist you in determining what service will better serve your time and budgetary constraints based on your year make and model and specific symptoms and diagnostics history.

ELECTRONIC COMPUTER VERIFICATION TESTING SERVICES: We have compiled the most experienced crew of technicians and programming engineers coupled with lifelong ASE auto, diesel and heavy duty electronic computer repair techs, and programming techs, over twenty years in this most advanced technology based industry. We offer OFF-BOARD functionality and verification testing for many makes and models including comm. There is no turning back once you make a purchase that is not necessary. Especially one that is so expensive as an engine control computer or transmission control computer. Our testing services include our Break-Out Box and bench testing built by our team members with the most advanced Off-Board Diagnostics available. We also include physical and component level diagnosis. This is the reason we charge for testing. We often can rule out the computer when comm is not present to tech, therefore saving the customer hundreds of dollars! We test based on the info you send with the controller, then we call after testing and let you know if we have ruled out the computer and offer any info as to where to look further on your vehicle when available, or we can verify the problem is within the PCM computer and often determine if it is repairable. At the end of testing we contact you and consult you with our results and make our recommendation. When the unit is not serviceable, we can often get a replacement and often we can transfer programming and security to ensure plug and play. We always recommend to have your most updated scan with all stored data codes when com is good, and vehicle symptoms and problems to provide our consultant when you call in for info or when you send the unit for ECM PCM functionality verification testing or ECM repair. If you are not a dealership or repair service center, we always recommend to get the vehicle to a licensed tech to do a complete diagnosis of your system to acquire the above mentioned necessary information to help us help you! Many times we are able to rule out the ECM or ECM with conversations over the phone! We don’t want to sell you something you don’t need. We also have a policy to not sell computers for testing purposes, we cannot afford to do so. Most all units are special order, no returns. So we must get it right. So that is why we recommend you send in the electronic controller for verification testing. We will test the unit first and advise if there is a problem at all.

OEM REPLACEMENT COMPUTERS: We offer many models OEM replacement computers ready to “PLUG & PLAY” with our one year warranty. We have been servicing dealerships and repair service centers and the industry standard is one year warranty or 12 month 12,000 miles. We include a no mileage limit warranty for the year limited of course to our work or product. All our ECM PCM have all the necessary manufacturers authorized programming including all the updates issued since the production date when available. Call right away for one of our service consultants to help you determine the service best suited for you.

REPAIR SERVICE: Interested in our Repair Services? IF WE CANNOT REPAIR YOUR UNIT, YOU DON’T PAY! It’s as simple as that. We offer test and repair services on most makes and models electronic control modules including most US domestic and most Japanese and European mfd models. Please call with your year make and model for more information. We always recommend you consult with a certified technician to get all the diagnostic data. We require that the unit be sent with all the diagnostic and drivability problems for our technician to better and quickly find the problem and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Please click on the “REPAIR SERVICES” LINK and you can take advantage of our discount pricing and best in the industry repair service or may instead offer a programming service to solve your specific needs.

We also provide repair service for digital clusters, climate controls, suspension controllers, body controllers and more for most Domestic MFD cars and light trucks 2004 to 2011. Call for more information.