Repaired, Remanufactured, or New?

Many consumers look to a variety of options when they head for a replacement ECM, and for good reason. Cash is king these days, and if there’s a way to save money, all of us want to take it. As you shop for a new ECM, though, you’re going to come across a number of different terms, including repaired and remanufactured, both of which are cheaper than a brand new model. Understanding exactly what these terms mean for your car, though, is absolutely essential.

A Repaired ECM

Repaired models are just that – the problems have been diagnosed within the unit, and any failed pieces have been replaced. Apart from what actually needed to be repaired, nothing has been touched.

A Remanufactured ECM

These units have been restored to their original specifications. It’s been tested to make sure it meets the initial equipment standards. Parts from today’s ECMs haven’t been included in these models, but it’s a bit like buying the ECM when it was new. Often the quality here tends to be superior to that of a repaired model, but it may not be as good as a brand new model. In some cases, though, you may get a warranty with a remanufactured unit.

New Units

If you can afford it, the new unit is far superior to either of these choices. They almost always include a warranty, and they’ll help your vehicle meet your needs in the years to come.

What works for your vehicle is entirely up to you. At ECM to Go, though, we’ll help you understand what that perfect solution might be. Give us a call today to learn more.

Is Your ECM Ready to Fail?

More than ever before, your car relies on your ECM. It is responsible for monitoring a number of different kinds of information, and it can make adjustments as you move forward. From your ignition system to controlling your emissions to handling your fuel supply, it’s easily one of the most important components of your car, but how do you know if yours is about to fail? Take a look at a few symptoms.

  • The Check Engine light is on. While there are many different reasons a check engine light can pop on, one of them is that the ECM may need to be replaced.
  • The engine relay is stuck. Often you’ll notice this problem if the engine can’t manage to actually turn over even if the ignition is one. It may not be able to start as you turn the key.
  • The engine stalls. If your engine isn’t behaving like it once did, it’s possible you’re dealing with an ECM problem. A faulty computer can cause your car to stall or misfire on a regular basis, and you may not even be able to see a pattern of occurrence.
  • You experience reduced fuel efficiency. If your car isn’t performing quite like you expect it to in terms of gas mileage, it’s possible that you’re having problems with your ECM. It controls the fuel settings on your engine, so it could have a negative impact on the performance.

The last thing you want is a car that won’t run when you need it the most. bring your vehicle in for an ECM check now so we can take a closer look at the problem and help you decide if you need an ECM upgrade. 

Can Optimizing Your ECM Really Help You Get Better Fuel Economy?

Just a few years ago, Volkswagen got caught in quite a scandal. They tweaked the software inside their vehicles ECMs to help cheat on emissions testing. This incident is only further proof to consumers, though, that the ECM really can change almost anything, so it make sense to wonder whether it could also help to save fuel.

We work with many customers looking for better fuel economy on a daily basis, and you absolutely can adjust  your software to help achieve those fuel savings you’re looking for. The problem, however, is that it’s a bit of a challenge, and it’s certainly not a project you might want to handle on your own in the garage tomorrow evening.

Wondering why it’s so difficult? Your ECU stores quite a bit of information, thousands of hours worth of carefully programmed settings that help to dictate how a vehicle runs. The goal with all of those settings is to create a solid balance between the need for power and current fuel efficiency requirements. Handling adjustments like these poorly can spell real problems for your vehicle.

When you work with ECM to Go, though, you’re working with a reputable dealer ready to help you achieve your goals. We not only have the experience and dedication necessary to ensure your car will get the gas mileage you really want, but we also have the specialized tools that are an absolute must for this job.

Each of our ECMs come complete with a one year warranty, and they’re packed with the latest technology available. We can help you decide what works best for your vehicle.

Give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve the fuel economy rating you want most.

Live Data Logging and Your ECU

Many people decide to move forward with the best ECU upgrade possible, and for good reason. After all, today’s car owners are consistently looking for superior performance within their engines, and the right ECU can do just that. Add live data logging to the equation, and you get something far better than superior performance.

What is Live Data Logging?

Live data logging is the single best way to automate your knowledge gathering process when it comes to your engine. Maybe you’re looking for a little more power. Maybe you live in an extreme climate. Perhaps you just need more customization from your vehicle. No matter what it may be, data logging is the way to get it done. With the right ECU, you can capture several megabits of data to help tweak your car’s map.

There’s even a practical side to this technology. Imagine, for instance, your car isn’t running as smoothly as it should be. Once we can actually see what’s happening in terms of malfunctioning sensors or vacuum leaks or something similar, we’ll be able to make the upgrade as quickly as possible, getting you back on the road fast.

Make an Appointment Now

Getting the benefits of live data logging is actually easier than you think.  It’s simply a matter of making an appointment to purchase the right unit with us. We offer units with excellent design and precision live data logging capabilities. Once we understand what you want from your car, we can help you get it.

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