ECM TO GO TALKS COIL PACK FAILURE & PCM ENGINE COMPUTER has been testing and repairing engine computers ECM PCM ECU online since 1997. In our many years of Research and Development at the forefront of this highly technical industry, we have made many discoveries and made the info available to the industry and the general public to help educate and to help technicians, shop owners and end users save a lot of money due to misdiagnosis and/or incorrect information.

Today’s blog is about the COIL PACK failure that is commonly occurring in the Ford Lincoln Mercury and Chrysler Dodge products, as well as many others makes and models. 

Many Coil Packs for vehicles mfd 1998-2012 including FORD have many models with recall or TSB Technical Service Bulletins for the Coil Packs. The original coil has proven problematic and when they fail it damages the corresponding circuit in the PCM motherboard. This component provides the ground signal reference to fire the coil pack. This results in a misfire of the corresponding cylinder. At this point the TSB requires all the coil packs to be replaced with OEM which is now the updated or corrected coil pack. Also often included is the spark plugs when they have been corrected. Also the TSB requires the PCM to be replaced. We actually can repair most of these units. When returned they are plug and drive, no programming or key relearn required. 


The problem is exacerbated when the coil packs are not replaced, or if they use after market original spec coil packs which are much cheaper. This also may damage an Engine Computer PCM that has been repaired or replaced. If the coil packs are replaced but the PCM is not repaired or replaced it may damage the new coil pack or all the coil packs! When prompted for the ground circuit, the power side is provided by the plug wires, if the PCM does not supply the ground signal, the power moves to next coil looking for ground and the primary circuit is often fried in coil pack or multiple coil packs. Subsequently, if the original poor design Coil Packs are installed, they will often lead to failure again and once again damage the PCM. So please be sure to address each issue. Call 1-844-ECM-To-Go of you have any questions or see us at information provided by John B South

FORD PCM 2004-08
Coil Pack Failure Ford PCM.

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