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REPLACEMENT COMPUTERS: We offer many models replacement computers ready to “plug & play” with our one year warranty. We have been servicing dealerships and repair service centers and the industry standard is one year warranty or 12 month 12,000 miles. We include a no mileage limit warranty for the year limited of course to our work or product. All our REMAN ECM PCM have all the necessary manufacturers authorized programming including all the updates issued since the production date. Call right away for one of our service consultants to help you determine the service best suited for you.

ECM PCM ECU TEST & REPAIR SERVICES: We offer repair services on most makes and models ECM PCM ECU BCM electronic control modules including most US domestic and most Japanese and European mfd models. Please call with your year make and model for more information. We always recommend you consult with a certified technician to get all the diagnostic data. We require that the unit be sent with all the diagnostic and drivability problems for our technician to better and quickly find the problem and get it repaired as soon as possible. Please click on the “REPAIR SERVICES FORM” and you can take advantage of our discount pricing and best in the industry repair service or may instead offer a programming service to solve your specific needs. We also provide repair services for digital dash clusters, climate controllers, suspension controllers, body control modules BCMs and more for most year make and models.

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The automotive computer or engine management system computer has many functions and many uses. Also called an electronic control module – ECM, electronic control unit – ECU, or powertrain control module, PCM. The primary functions are twofold. They act as an engine management computer and electronic and fuel control system for engine and transmission and body controllers, and also they are the main engine on-board diagnostic (OBD) system. Most OBD-II (1996-present) computers in cars are now equipped with the greatest technology available. At the factory, they must be flashed or programmed to fit the specific requirements of the make and model and application. You can no longer acquire a used unit and install it into the vehicle. Once an engine control computer or most electronic control modules are replaced, they MUST be reprogrammed to the application as specified by the VIN (vehicle identification) number and in many cases there are several software updates issued by the manufacturer. This important information is vital to your vehicle running properly.

Engineers manufactured Electronic Control Modules ECM PCM ECU’s with great design and precision. One problem has been revealed over the years: some of the components that were used have shown a tendency to fail, especially by heat. The heat from the normal operation of the current in the unit and the heat from the environment the ECM unit is stored in. Some models are stored in the cab which can reach temperatures of up to 190f. Some models are stored in the engine compartment which is the worst possible environment for a computer processor. The engine compartment is exposed to the elements of the environment outside and the engines operating environment. Normal operations can adversely affect the ECM unit over time as well. Other ancillary components such as actuators like the IAC (idle control motor), ISC, TPS, coil failure, engine sensors, alternator or failing batteries can adversely affect the electronic control unit. Reversing polarity when jump starting vehicle can damage the ECM. The supply of ECMs new and used has been greatly reduced due to the growing competitiveness of this industry. Keep in mind most of these quote-unquote “Rebuilders” are more than likely people that have seen the trend in ECM failures and are trying to capitalize. I’m all for free enterprise — after all, this is America and may God Bless her (and all of us for that matter) but don’t let yourself be fooled by the new kids on the block. Nor should you be misled by the low prices of some of these folks. If it sounds too good to be true and too cheap to be quality, it probably is. You know you can’t wager your safety or that of your family or customers to the opportunity of a “great deal”. Check references! A lot of these guys offering warranties and advertising themselves as rebuilders have not been in business long enough to match the warranty they are offering!

ECM To Go – Auto Computer Supply has been online since 1997 servicing dealerships repair service centers and even do-it-yourselfers. We are the first independent company to specialize in repair service and supply of engine control modules. Our team is second to none in service and quality. Many other suppliers are only reselling used units. Be aware of the used units often sold in salvage yards.



Many people are surprised to find out they have a computer in their car! Many newer models may have more than seven independent and cooperative computer controller devices aiding in the performance, comfort and environmental factors. They are even more astounded when they find out that the cost is anywhere from $650 to $2000 for a new unit from the dealership! To understand the ECM we can help by a short history of the ECM and implementation of computer controlled electronic systems. The Federal Government implemented the use of computer controlled ignition and fuel systems for 3 main reasons:

  1. To aid in the safety of the consumer
  2. To better economize the fuel consumption
  3. To reduce the output of EPA regulated byproducts of the ignition controlled internal combustion gas/diesel fueled engines in passenger and commercial vehicles

Often when your computer is failing there is misdiagnosis and people will spend hundreds I’ve even seen customers who have unfortunately paid over a $1000 on their car on repairs and part replacement before he finally got to us and he found out he needed only an ECM to solve his problem. I have seen people go without their vehicles for months because the mechanic could not find out he had a computer failure. On the other hand there have been countless others who have paid this amount and more on new computer ECU(s) and the problem does not go away! The key is proper diagnosis! My father always said measure twice cut once. So we are firm believers in getting a second opinion or third if necessary to collaborate repair diagnosis that can be financially crippling.

Most common misdiagnosed parts are battery, distributor, ISC motor, TPS switch, injectors & intake cam sensor, and other sensors or bus system including but not limited to the harnesses. If the technician does not figure it is the ECM they may sell you parts you may not need.

When diagnosing an EFI or electronic fuel injection system vehicle, here are the “inside” industry approach procedures to engine computer, or otherwise diagnosing a malfunctioning vehicle. These systems all require the same basic elements, and by checking all individually, you may be able to rule out and systematically diagnose your problem and save hundreds of dollars.


Is your car starting and running, but stalls or seems to not idle right.

Your car Is not starting? As we started earlier, all efi engines need the basic elements to run:

  1. Battery power send voltage to starter to crank over the engine, and voltage references to and from ECM computer and supply power to relative components for vehicle operation
  2. Starter/solenoid
  3. Injector pulse- voltage reference from ecm to injector(s)
  4. Fuel (ecm sends voltage reference often via mpi relay to fuel pump)
  5. Spark to spark plugs to ignite the fuel/oxygen mixture for usable power

Knowing this you can then systematically check these separately…..




FOR CUMMINS CELECT tm & CELECT PLUS tm only N-14 M-11 L-10 Equipped Engines

ECM TO GO Auto Computer Pro is one of the most reputable names in auto and heavy duty Electronic Control Module (ECM) repair and supply:

Main reasons for failure in Cummins, Cummins Celect, and Celect Plus ECMs

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