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ECMtoGO.com / Auto Computer Pro specializes in OBD-I (1988-95) & OBD-II (1996-2014) OEM Repair Service & Replacement ECM and PCM Engine, Transmission and Electronic Control Computers, including ECM PCM Verification Testing Services, ECM PCM Repair Services, and OEM and custom PCM Programming services. We specialize in CHRYSLER, DODGE, JEEP, RAM, FORD, LINCOLN and GM and JDM. We do not offer servicing of some Japanese vehicles and no European products. Please contact us with your year make and model and we can let you know if we can service your model.

With over 2 Decades of National and International ECU ECM PCM Service & Supply, ECM To Go ensures our customers receive the highest in quality of service and product and the latest technology available. Our founding member has been a leader in this industry since 1997. Our Lead Engineer was not just any technician, but the mastermind behind Off-Board Programming and Plug & Play software and hardware. Unlike our competitors, we offer TRUE Plug & Drive computers when available. We strive to make sure that no additional programming procedures or equipment should be needed. This of course is not always the case due to some very few instances when the manufacturer requires ON-BOARD programming or advanced calibrations.

Please call for details and we can assist you in determining what service will better serve your time and budgetary constraints based on your year make and model and specific symptoms and diagnostics history.

OEM REPLACEMENT COMPUTERS: We offer Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Ford and GM models Replacement ECM PCM computers ready to “PLUG & PLAY”. We have been servicing Auto Dealerships and Repair Service Centers and Do-It-yourselfers since 1997. Our Products include a one year warranty warranty limited to our work or product. All our ECM PCM have all the necessary manufacturers authorized programming including all the updates issued since the production date when available. Call right away for one of our service consultants to help you determine the service best suited for you.

REPAIR SERVICE: Interested in our Repair Services? We offer test and repair services on most Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ford model engine computer / electronic control modules and still specialize in Mitsubishi DSM. Please call with your year make and model for more information. We always recommend you consult with a certified technician to get all the diagnostic data. We require that the unit be sent with all the diagnostic and drivability problems for our technician to better and quickly find the problem and get it repaired as soon as possible.

WE HAVE HARD TO FIND 2005-06 JEEP WRANGLER PCMs READY TO SHIP! Call right now for more information. You can also go to our Online Store. Be sure to see our Blog related to the PCM Failure issues and vital technical bulletins related to the Auto Transmission shifting issues triggered by a failing PCM.

Please click on the “ON LINE STORE” Link and you can take advantage of our discount pricing and best in the industry Repair Service or may instead offer a Replacement Service to solve your specific needs.


These references are provided for your benefit and all have agreed to be contacted for their opinion of their experiences with our team @ ECMtoGO.com

Augusta Chrysler, Jeep/s Dodge / Mitsubishi / Mazda / Ford / Lexus

“We have used John and his team since 1997 and have always relied on their expertise in testing of ECMs and their repair service and their stocked rebuilt supply. Being the first supplier/repair facility has given them a great reputation with our locations and Dealerships Nationwide”

Scot Soper - Parts
(706) 736-5500
(Augusta, GA)

Champion Ford/GM/Mitsubishi/Chrysler

“We use ECMtoGO.com exclusively for our ECM repairs and supply of reman ECMs for two decades. We also use them to verify our techs diagnosis. They have assembled a great team of techs and sales people and a fleet of test vehicles. They have even brought test vehicles to our facility to verify diagnosis and quality of product”

Tom - Parts
(Houston, TX)

Colony One Auto Center

“We have tried several other companies who have tried to compete with ECMtoGO and the speed and quality and price can’t be beat!”

Kevin K - Parts Mgr
(281) 980-4440
(Stafford, TX)

Prospect O’Brien Chrysler/Dodge/Lexus/Acura/Ford/Mitsubishi

Since 1997 we have used ECMtoGO.com for remand ECMs and are more profitable and better able to help our customers due to their expertise.
We still send units to John and his team for testing our tech’s diagnosis. The repair service is fast and the prices are fair. Most peoples jaws drop when we tell them a replacement unit is upwards of $1000 or more. This gives us the ability to still make a profit and keep the customers in our service bay. It is also convenient when we know most of the units are rebuilt, tested and ready to be shipped with a single phone call.

Tim - Parts Manager
(217) 398-1222
(Champaign, IL)

“John, just wanted to thank

“John, just wanted to thank you for the great work you did on my ECU. You really know your stuff. I am usually not impressed by vendors as it has been my experience that very few of them put enough pride in their work to get the job done correctly the first time. You (Auto Computer Pro- ECM TO-GO) are a rare exception. The whole experience of shipping my ECU, your free diagnosis, customer service responsiveness, attention to detail, and fast turn around time is totally best in class. My car is running better than it did when I first bought it. Driving it with the AC on is a pleasure the idle is now prefect, it actually idles up properly, even on cold mornings. Simply put, it was a refreshing pleasure. More car owners should know about you. Danny ….Feel free to use (my testimony).”

Danny Pidduti