ECM TO GO Auto Computer Pro-TRON Computers is one of the most reputable names in auto and heavy duty Electronic Control Module (ECM) repair and supply:

  • The ECM is the power control module for heavy duty engines and or power control module for your trucking industry tractor engines and automatic transmission control computers for Buses, Coaches and Fire Trucks & heavy machinery electronic controllers. We have been repairing ECMs since 1997. We offer testing and repair service and can supply many models remanufactured in advance for inventory sale for minimum lost production time. Our automotive ECM division began research and development on heavy duty ECMs in 1999 due to the high demand and high failure of Cummins, Detroit D-DEC, Allison and several other manufacturers. We understand that heavy duty transportation rigs and mechanical equipment is vital to the running of a business big and small and even vital to the running of basic commerce. Even more so we understand that without your delivery services operating, you are not only losing money, it may even cost you many more dollars in production, leasing fees or lost jobs and revenue. Presently when you are faced with a bad ECM your only options are purchasing a new unit from the manufacturer which can cost from $2,500-$5,000 US to using a “pullout” or used ECM which is unlikely to be still in working order and would have to be reconditioned and coded with the features and parameters of the tractor truck or rig. This used unit option does not give you specific data to help your service department locate a problem that has adversely affected the ECM and may likely reoccur and damage the unit again.
  • We have found that many models of the engine and transmission and other electronic controllers for heavy duty trucks and heavy duty machinery, often called ECMs, are exposed to many factors that damage the internal electronics of the ECM. Factors adversely affecting the electronic controllers are normal operation such as powering up or down, engine idle sensors, failed injector(s) in diesel engine, fuel solenoid operation, and even lightning strikes. Also due to the location of many of the ECM units, often they are mounted to the engine and exposed to the environment; simple maintenance operations such as power washing the rig can be detrimental to the ECM’s and the wiring harness.
  • We have researched and confirmed many model ECMs fail after 3 to 5 years of use due to the failure of internal components on your ECM simply failing due to electrical spikes and the aforementioned events. These components must be replaced in all remanufactured ECMs in order for your computer controller board to function properly. We offer an ECM testing service on-rig for many makes and models. Your ECM could also have taken an electrical hit from a bad injector(s), the engine idle sensor or fuel solenoid, and/or a compromised actuator harness. We can instruct you on which components may have damaged the ECM when we test the ECM on site at our facility. By looking at the damage on the ECM motherboards, often we can detect specific vital information to ensure you do not damage another expensive replacement ECM computer. After the ECM repair is complete, memory features and parameters are restored to the ECM. We reprogram your ECM to your engines specifications including your governor settings, rpm settings, Jake brake, cruise control, tire size, rear axle ratio and more.
  • All our units include a 1-Year unlimited mileage limited warranty*. We include a warranty checklist which accompanies all outgoing repaired and programmed ECM units to finalize the repair of the truck before ECM installation. ECMs and electronic controllers now have many different applications and many are programmable. The features and parameters are coded into the ECM by the manufacturer and we are an authorized programmer for most heavy duty mfd ECMs and electronic controllers. The features and parameters are often referred to as a CPL or Control Parts List number which we can apply to each outgoing unit. We offer some models that can be purchased in advance that are remanufactured with upgraded components and we can program the ECM to your rig in advance. Or take advantage of our experienced technical team in a support role. We only ask for the opportunity to service your heavy duty trucks and equipment. Our main goal is to supply quality service and products at an affordable price.


Info provided by John B. South

Corrosion and moisture: Corrosion or damage due to moisture is one of the main reasons for ECM failure. Corrosion can enter the ECM through the wiring harness and moisture can enter by a failure in the seals in the ECM itself. This happens over a period of time (5 to 10 years) due to the ECMs exposure to the elements.

  • Fuel solenoid: The electronic fuel solenoid is also a main reason for failure in the ECM. The solenoid can cause a short in the ECM due to corrosion in the solenoid or the wire running from the solenoid to the ECM harness. The electronic fuel solenoid is located at the top of the fuel pump. The solenoid seems to fail due to corrosion as fast or faster then the ECM. If your truck is running fine then you shut your engine off and it won’t restart then this is a good indication that the starter has shorted out the ECM.
  • Injector wiring harness: The third thing that can cause failure in the ECM is the Injector wiring harness or the sensor wiring harness. Once again corrosion or breaks in the internal wiring in the harness can cause a short in the ECM or corrosion can enter the ECM through the wiring harness. Again this is caused by exposure to the elements
  • Grounding issues: Another issue that can cause failure in the ECM is poor grounding. This can be the result of loose or corroded ground wires to the battery or the frame. This is especially problematic in the Celect Plus model.
  • Starters: Replacing the starter with the wrong model starter is becoming a big problem with the Celect Plus ECMs. Many starter rebuilders will bypass the override sensor in the starter. The override sensor regulates the voltage going to the ECM so when the override sensor is bypassed you will get voltage problems in the ECM and it can generate fault codes or other problems. If you only started having problems with your ECM after installing a starter then the starter is most likely the root of your problem.
  • Dead battery cells: Dead cells in batteries can cause failure in the ECM. Many times a battery is left in the rig long after a cell has died. This affects the grounding in the battery.
  • Jump start: If the vehicle has been jump started recently and the cables were connected improperly this can cause a spike in your ECM and cause it to short out. A bad jump can also blow out 2 amps which are located between the ECM and the firewall.
  • Welding and lightning: Arc welding on the frame can blow out the ECM as well as lightning strikes. This is not very common but it does happen from time to time.
  • Identifying the problem: If your check engine light is on then you should be able to read a fault code from your ECM. The fault codes should help identify where the problem is originating from. You can also check the voltage where the wires come into the ECM harness with a voltmeter. The voltage should be between 9 to 12 volts for optimal usage. Anything 6 or below and you have a problem.